convergence issues ABAQUS

Convergence Issues with ABAQUS

Convergence issues are probably the most unpleasant experience of the users. Almost all ABAQUS users have experienced them. To solve such error, first you need to know what has caused it, and then you can take proper strategies. To be honest, convergence is usually one of the most challenging topics in an numerical modeling. Based […]

Soil Direct Shear Test

General Procedure Direct shear test has been designed to estimate the shear strength properties of soil or rock material. Also it can carried out to gain insight about discontinuities in soil or rock masses. The test is usually carried out on four soil specimens. To reach accurate results, It is important to use relatively undisturbed soil sample. As it is shown […]

Pressuremeter test (PMT)

What is PMT? The pressuremeter test (PMT) is an in-situ test to estimate the amount of some soil parameters such as the elastic modulus. In simple words, PMT is performed by applying pressure to the sidewalls of a borehole, measuring the corresponding soil deformation. Briefly, a probe is placed in the borehole, then it is […]

Dilatometer Test (DMT)

Dilatometer test is an accurate flat instrument, designed to measure the dimensional changes of a wide range of material. This steel blade has a circular expandable steel membrane of 60 mm diameter on one side.                     As this figure shows, first the steel blade is driven […]

Lateral earth pressure

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