Concrete Creep

When a concrete member is subjected to a constant load, id deforms instantly based on what you have learned in mechanics of material. But amazingly there is another deformation that happens over a long period of time. In other words, a sustained load causes a degree of deformation a long time after the initiation of […]

Steel Bar Splicing

Splicing in an inevitable practice in construction of reinforced concrete structures. as you know steel bars are produced with a limited length, so engineers have to cut them in an appropriate way to minimized the waste and meet the requirement of structural design. To do this we connect smaller bars to reach the desirable length. […]

Pounding of adjacent structures

What is pounding As you know, when earthquake occurs buildings move. The response of each building is different from other depending on its stiffness, height, structural design and etc. Pounding is when the adjacent structure vibration extremely and strikes other buildings. This can cause extensive damage or even collapse of structures. pounding has been one […]

Earthquake load is applied at….?

Regardless of how the amount of earthquake load is computed, we need to know how it is going to be distributed in each story. Then we can find out which structural members are more critical than others and we can also optimized our structural design by using reasonable justifications. If Fi is a resultant of […]

Seiemic waves caused by earthquake

As we have discussed in the previous article, earthquake happens when a huge amount of energy is released due tectonic plates movements. The immediate outcome of earth is sudden movement of the ground located in the vicinity of earthquake center. The huge amount of energy is transferred throughout the ground layers in all directions until […]