Tie Beam – Concealed Beam

In civil engineering there are several simple technical terms that might become a confusing nightmare for students.  One of these terms is “tie beam”. So the question is “what are  tie beams?” Actually tie beam is quite self-explanatory. It’s a beam which is mainly designed to tie different parts of the structure. consider a building […]

One-way vs Two-way slabs

One-ways and two-way slabs are two technical terms that usually confuse students. As you know we always assume many simplifications assumptions to make our analysis less complex and reduce the computational expenses. However load always distributes in all directions but under certain conditions the share of one direction might be insignificant. In such cases we […]

Factor of Safety for Embankment Dams

Factors of safety is an indicator of reliability for geotechnical structures such as embankment dams and soil slopes. Safety factor accounts for uncertainties of design loads and inaccuracies of input values. It is noteworthy that a higher safety factor does not necessarily lead to a lower probability of failure, as the analysis also depends on the […]

Evaluation and repair of old concrete structures

Evaluation and repair of old concrete structures is an essential job to do. Today, many bridges and other civil engineering structures are approaching a century in age. When a structure ages, it needs to be evaluated in order to make sure about its safety. Some parameters that fuel the need of evaluation are the possibility […]

How to design drilled shafts and micropiles

here are a wide range of soil stabilization methods for large-scale slopes  including: Remove and  replace : in this method unsuitable material are replaced by stronger materials or geo-synthetic reinforced soil layers. constructing retaining walls  is another solution re resist against soil lateral deformation. The wall might be protected by anchors  and soldier if need […]