Strength reduction because of holes

Effect of holes in beams Obviously, any reduction in the cress section of steel members reduces the overall strength of the member. However, structural engineers need some mathematical terms to quantify this reduction. In this article I talk about the effect of holes in steel beams in terms of tensile, compressive and bending capacity. the […]

Steel Bar Splicing

Splicing in an inevitable practice in construction of reinforced concrete structures. as you know steel bars are produced with a limited length, so engineers have to cut them in an appropriate way to minimized the waste and meet the requirement of structural design. To do this we connect smaller bars to reach the desirable length. […]

Tie Beam – Concealed Beam

In civil engineering there are several simple technical terms that might become a confusing nightmare for students.  One of these terms is “tie beam”. So the question is “what are  tie beams?” Actually tie beam is quite self-explanatory. It’s a beam which is mainly designed to tie different parts of the structure. consider a building […]

One-way vs Two-way slabs

One-ways and two-way slabs are two technical terms that usually confuse students. As you know we always assume many simplifications assumptions to make our analysis less complex and reduce the computational expenses. However load always distributes in all directions but under certain conditions the share of one direction might be insignificant. In such cases we […]

Common structural systems

In simple words structural system define how the load are transferred to the foundation. Lateral and vertical loads are distributed among different structural members until they are applied to the ground. This article is aimed to give the students insight into what happens inside building structures. Vertical load transfer The first members which are subjected […]