Torsional stress

Torsional stress is the main topic of this article and I am sure many of you have some problems understanding its meaning. So go through this article to easily learn about it. At the end of this article you will find an example that challenges you to practice. What causes torsional stress In many cases […]

Concrete Workability

Concrete workability means how easy the concrete mixture can be placed in during the molding process. In simple words the looser the mixture is, the higher workability it has. To quantify and report the workability of the freshly mixed concrete we use a parameter called “Slump”. Slump test is an innovative simple test during which […]

Bending Stress

Bending stress is actually one of the main factors for which structural members are designed. Have you ever thought why the height of most of structural members is way larger than their width? Well, to answer this question you need to know about bending stress distribution. read through this article to gain insight into this […]

Thermal expansion

Thermal expansion  and thermal stress can become problematic for structural members. In other words, the engineers have been witnessed on several failures due to this phenomenon. In simple words, When temperature increases the materials is going to expand. Let’s make it as simple as possible: heating causes expansion. Thermal expansion The amount of thermal expansion is […]

Axial stress, Axial deformation

Axial stress is a topic that is very important in design of structures. In simple words, if I apply a force exactly normal to cross section and exactly at the center line, this kind of loading is called pure axial loading. That means there is no bending moment and no shear force. In such cases, […]