Diagrid Structures

Diagrid  structures are constructed by attaching diagonal members. It can be constructed from steel, wood, concrete or other materials. Nowadays, diagrid frames are commonly used in the construction of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Steel diagrid One of the most popular materials to build the diagrid system is steel. Circular and rectangular steel sections are more […]

Beam to column rigid connection

The main objective of a fixed connection is to eliminate any relative rotation between column and beam. In other word when a beam a connected to a column by one of the methods shown in the figure, the bending moment transfers to the column without any reduction. In simpler words, you can assume that beam […]

Residual stress and its consequences

What does residual mean? Residual stresses, also known as locked-in stresses, are referred to an specific amount of stress that exists in the absence of external loading or thermal gradients. So even if the members is not subjected t loading, it has s degree of internal stress. What causes residual stresses? many factors can cause […]

Concrete Creep

When a concrete member is subjected to a constant load, id deforms instantly based on what you have learned in mechanics of material. But amazingly there is another deformation that happens over a long period of time. In other words, a sustained load causes a degree of deformation a long time after the initiation of […]

Pounding of adjacent structures

What is pounding As you know, when earthquake occurs buildings move. The response of each building is different from other depending on its stiffness, height, structural design and etc. Pounding is when the adjacent structure vibration extremely and strikes other buildings. This can cause extensive damage or even collapse of structures. pounding has been one […]