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soil creep in embankment dams

In case of dam construction, massive soil embankment is subjected to the presence of water which can provoke the occurrence of soil consolidation. Consolidation is a 2-step process during which soil experiences a time dependent settlement. In scientific terms, the second step is called creep (also known as secondary consolidation) occurring long after the soil […]

Pore Pressure Dissipation Vs Depth

The rate of transfer of pore pressure to effective stress is a function of depth. In other words, in the boundaries which are near to drainage path pore pressure dissipates more quickly, while for the further areas it takes longer. In this figure different patterns of pore pressure dissipation are illustrated for a soil layer […]

Soil settlement part 1

Soil deformation When a soil mass is subjected to loading, such as loads due to embankment, soil settlement occurs. Regarding the time of soil deformation, settlements can be divided into 2 categories including elastic settlement and soil consolidation. Short term settlement occurs immediately after loading in all kinds of soils. Consolidation is a phenomenon that […]

Evaluation and repair of old concrete structures

Evaluation and repair of old concrete structures is an essential job to do. Today, many bridges and other civil engineering structures are approaching a century in age. When a structure ages, it needs to be evaluated in order to make sure about its safety. Some parameters that fuel the need of evaluation are the possibility […]

How to design drilled shafts and micropiles

here are a wide range of soil stabilization methods for large-scale slopes  including: Remove and  replace : in this method unsuitable material are replaced by stronger materials or geo-synthetic reinforced soil layers. constructing retaining walls  is another solution re resist against soil lateral deformation. The wall might be protected by anchors  and soldier if need […]