Different types of force

Different types of force is a topic that every cenineering student need to deeply absorb it. However this simple question of “what is a force?” might seems trivial, but it lay the foundation of civil engineering. In simple words force is an interaction between 2 different objects. when you press something, your hands are applying a force […]

Rigid Body

Rigid body is a basic concept in statics problems. When you study in university, the curriculum has been designed from the simplest coarse to the most advanced one. Simple coarse such as statics are based on some simplification which are not eligible in more complex coarse such as mechanics of material. For example in statics […]

Truss Structures

Truss structures consist of straight members which are joint together at their ends. As a result the geometry of a truss contains only triangles. However in reality there is no ideal frictionless joint, but the connection points of truss members can be assumed as ideal joint. By this simplification assumption, the only force in truss members is […]

Centroid and Center of Gravity

Centroid and center of gravity are two important concepts in statics. However in static problems we always assume that the weight force is a concentrated force, but in reality the force is applied on all particles of the body. in fact we replace that all of these small forces by a single equivalent force (the […]