Concrete Volume Estimation

Concrete volume estimation and how to order it  are two topics that all civil engineers need to know about. These details may seem trivial but they can become a nightmare for young newly employed civil engineers. So let’s clarify it. In most of countries, to order concrete mixture you need to request it by filling […]

Concrete spalling

Concrete spalling is one of problematic damages for concrete members. As you can see in the figure below, when it happens, concrete member becomes more expose and vulnerable to erosion. As a result, it is highly important to find out what causes spalling, and how can we prevent it. Causes: Generally, we can mention three […]

Floor functionality does affect on its design.

Floor functionality does affect on its design. No matter how simple this topic seems at the first look, but these kinds of questions comes up all the time for junior engineers and students. So clarifying every simple aspect of civil engineering is what we do in our articles. In this article, you will understand what […]

Elastic and plastic behaviors

Elastic and plastic behaviors are 2 of those technical terms that might be a bit confusing for some students. In this article I will explain these kinds of terms and for more information I have provided a free video lesson that will highly useful for you. If we apply small amount of force to a […]

stress and strain

stress and strain are two basic concepts in civil engineering.  Stress is simply the amount of force divided by the cross section on which the force is applied. Normal Stress , Shear Stress If the load is normal to the cross section we call this ratio normal stress. And if the force is applied alongside […]