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How is an online classroom typically structured?

however online coarse have many similarities with traditional classroom-based classes, it is believed to be advantageous in many aspects. It provides more comfortable learning environment for student to concentrate on the topic. It not only requires a lower tuition, but also save your time.

online students regularly log in to their profiles to follow their syllabus and grades. They can easily contact the professors by leaving a comment or sending a message to ask about the coarse difficulties. We have launched a Blog where classmates can virtually meet and discuss about their academic issues.


Do students need to attend classes at specific times?

However it is recommended to follow the coarse on a regular basis, student have the flexibility of setting a time-table according to their own willing. This style of learning is ideal for learners who juggle work and family duties and may not be able to log in at a specific hour.

Some online classes may also have a synchronic part, where students can watch live lectures online and sometimes participate in discussions through videoconferencing. This feature allows learners to fully engage.

How do students interact in an online class?

we strongly believe making interactions among students is an essential part of any successful online coarse. Learners can easily communicate through discussion forums or our social medias such as Facebook.

Also, online students can interact with professors in similar ways to develop a strong relationship. We strongly believe that learning is a mutual event, so this coarse are the best opportunity for the professional himself to develop his knowledge. This is the main reason for which we always appreciate your comment and questions.

How can students evaluate their learning process?

Almost all learner who spends their time and money to learn, expect to progress in return. And the end of each lesson, we have provided one or two exercises to consolidate what the student has learnt. Besides, at the end of each coarse there is a project for students to challenge themselves.

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