Different types of force

Different types of force is a topic that every cenineering student need to deeply absorb it. However this simple question of “what is a force?” might seems trivial, but it lay the foundation of civil engineering. In simple words force is an interaction between 2 different objects. when you press something, your hands are applying a force […]

Bending Stress

Bending stress is actually one of the main factors for which structural members are designed. Have you ever thought why the height of most of structural members is way larger than their width? Well, to answer this question you need to know about bending stress distribution. read through this article to gain insight into this […]

Thermal expansion

Thermal expansion  and thermal stress can become problematic for structural members. In other words, the engineers have been witnessed on several failures due to this phenomenon. In simple words, When temperature increases the materials is going to expand. Let’s make it as simple as possible: heating causes expansion. Thermal expansion The amount of thermal expansion is […]

Axial stress, Axial deformation

Axial stress is a topic that is very important in design of structures. In simple words, if I apply a force exactly normal to cross section and exactly at the center line, this kind of loading is called pure axial loading. That means there is no bending moment and no shear force. In such cases, […]

Concrete strength reduction due to firing

Concrete strength reduction due to firing  has been always a permanent concern for structural engineers. Most of materials, including concrete lose their strength if their temperature increases. In this article we mention several important tips about concrete to maintain the overall safety of structures in fire accidents. Abstract The first reaction of concrete to short term […]