Elastic and plastic behaviors

Elastic and plastic behaviors are 2 of those technical terms that might be a bit confusing for some students. In this article I will explain these kinds of terms and for more information I have provided a free video lesson that will highly useful for you. If we apply small amount of force to a […]

stress and strain

stress and strain are two basic concepts in civil engineering.  Stress is simply the amount of force divided by the cross section on which the force is applied. Normal Stress , Shear Stress If the load is normal to the cross section we call this ratio normal stress. And if the force is applied alongside […]

Structural fuse , concepts and design

structural fuse is a concept to protect important parts of the structure by sacrificing less important members. Fuse is a member that is designed weakly on purpose to absorb the excessive loads by its failure. In this article I want to introduce different types of structural fuse. What is the role of structural fuse? The […]

Plastic design vs elastic design

Plastic design vs elastic design: honestly, the difference between these two terms was one the biggest ambiguities when I was in college. Plastic and elastic and  designs are two different design approaches. Both of these methods are efficient to design an optimized steel structure. in the past, most of structural designers were reluctant to use […]

End return in welding

End return plays a significant role in welding. End returns, also known as boxing, are when we continue the fillet weld around the corner of a member. This  extension of the primary weld provide more resistance to ensure the perfect functionality of the connection is seismic loading. According to several codes use of end returns […]