Plotting Curves in Abaqus?

Plotting curves in ABAQUS is an easy job to do. Once the analysis is completed, to plot any curve related to the analysis, you need to go to visualization module. As it is illustrated in the figures, first open the “ODB ” file which contains the results of the analysis. Select its directory and click […]

ABAQUS standard and explicit???

What is the differences between ABAQUS standard and explicit? This question is the one I hear all the time in my basic classes. To deeply understand the distinction of these solvers let’s make a clear definition of each one. In an Explicit analysis, the matrixes is going to be updated at the end of each […]

Incompatible Mode

Incompatible mode is a feature designed  to improve the bending behavior of low order elements. Briefly, by using this feature elements shows a more realistic response under bending moments. As I have focused several times in my video coarse, deep understanding of different features of a software is the most part of any numerical modeling. […]

Error 1 : missing elements property

If you are new in ABAQUS, confronting different errors might be the most disappointing aspect of working with numerical software. But if you are patient enough, and continue working and thinking deeply, after a while these errors give you an amazing insight into numerical methods. In this seri of articles I will show you some […]

ABAQUS measurement units?

Many beginners come with the question of what are ABAQUS measurement units. Unlike most of numerical software, ABAQUS does not have any build-in unite please Do NOT include unit names or labels when entering data in ABAQUS. All input data must be entered in consistent units. This table shows the compatible units. Before starting […]