Cut-off Wall and its construction

Introduction The main purpose of inserting a cut-off wall is to reduce seepage. Cut-off walls are used for both environmental and civil projects. in excavation projects, for example, cut-off wall can be used as a barrier around the perimeter of the excavation to prevent groundwater from entering the working area. Cut-off walls are also an […]

Soil Stabilization: Ground Freezing

introduction Ground freezing is an effective technique stabilized wet soils and prevent its collapse in many construction projects such as tunneling and excavation. This method is also used to prevent the soil contamination caused by pollutant materials used in excavations. The effectiveness of this method has been proven during the recent century. As it is […]

Node Label and How to Activate them ?

Actually node label is a number to identify the nodes of element . Each node or element has a unique number to be reported in the output file. As a result, whether you want to plot a curve for a specific point or to understand the report file, first you need to extract the labels […]

Plotting Curves in Abaqus?

Plotting curves in ABAQUS is an easy job to do. Once the analysis is completed, to plot any curve related to the analysis, you need to go to visualization module. As it is illustrated in the figures, first open the “ODB ” file which contains the results of the analysis. Select its directory and click […]

ABAQUS standard and explicit???

What is the differences between ABAQUS standard and explicit? This question is the one I hear all the time in my basic classes. To deeply understand the distinction of these solvers let’s make a clear definition of each one. In an Explicit analysis, the matrixes is going to be updated at the end of each […]