Soil Dilatation

Soil dilation is a change in volume when soil is subjected to shear deformations. In the honor of the person who described it for the first time it is also called Reynolds dilatancy. In simple words, granular material which are densely compacted naturally tends to dilate. Quite the opposite, loose granular material continuously get denser under […]

Soil Compaction Concepts

Soil Compaction is a process during which soil density is increased by applying mechanical forces. the main purpose of soil compaction is to improve soil stability and its beating capacity. To be more precise compaction is a rearrangement of soil particles resulting in soil densification. soil compaction objectives Reduction of void ratio Increase of load […]

Machinery equipment for Soil Excavation

Machinery equipment has brought about a sweeping change in excavation methods. Nowadays many types of machinery tools are available to facilitate the excavations and to budget the time. Generally Excavators  consists of a boom, dipper,  bucket and cab on a rotating platform. The mechanism of the carriage can be designed by tracks or wheels. In most excavators are equipped with powerful hydraulic […]

What is Soil Nailing?

Nailing is a construction technique that provide the stability of soil in areas where landslides might become problematic. In this method steel reinforcement bars are inserted into the soil and anchored to the soil strata to prevent landslides. Soil Nailing Common Applications Soil nailing is an effective solution for stabilizing a wide range of geotechnical […]

Pile Foundations

Pile foundations can be categorized based on different factors such as construction method, materials and loading transfer mechanism. In this article, the first 2 item will be explained, and the soil pile interaction is covered in another post. Pile materials Pile can be constructed with a wide range of material such as concrete, timber, composite […]